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Lean Production

Lean Production

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Our precision casting production line:

* Improved casting dimension accuracy ,reduce the roughness of the surface,and a decre ase in the castingsCutting amount and reduce supplies products and smooth appearance, improve product quality;

* To casting and low weight of castings ,with a fine figure,text, grooves and curved pore cast;

* The casting of various alloy materials,particularly applic able to high melting point alloy small complex casting;

Our production capacity:

* Our casting material with: Chinese GB standard, Ame rican Standard ASTM- A351,The German DIN standards,JIS standard ofjapan;

* Currently produces materials including: stainless steel,

* Carbon steel, special alloysSteel;

* Processing casting weight:0.03kg -80kg;

* The casting surface roughness: Ra3.2-Ra12.5

Our factory implemented a comprehensive qua lity management,productqualified rate has been controlled above 96% ,products manufactured pass rate re ached 100%. On SC-hedule, according to quality, according to the volume to complete customers' orders.

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